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3 common custom free standing cardboard display styles

The types of earphones are divided into head-mounted, in-ear, earbud, wireless, etc. It is not easy to classify and display these various types of earphones. In this regard, operators, electronic digital stores, and specialty stores all have a consensus-use custom free standing display stand! 1. Pictographic display stand The reason why they are called “pictographic […]

A custom tiered retail display stand suitable for summer seasons full of fruits

In summer, the sun approaches the Tropic of Cancer, and the rising temperature creates suitable natural conditions for the growth and reproduction of life. Everything is being launched, many fruits and vegetables are on the market one after another, custom tiered retail display stand, according to the season to enjoy the delicious food is both […]

Tips for removing the peculiar smell of the new cardboard paper display stand

Custom cardboard paper display stand according to the different materials, some materials will have some peculiar smell when they are newly produced. This is an unavoidable problem in the process now, but the customer also needs to do some treatment when they get the display rack. Reduce peculiar smell. For cardboard paper display stand, use […]

How to find a manufacturer for custom floor cardboard display stand

The price of Custom floor cardboard display and floor cardboard display stand varies greatly depending on the technology, structure, size, quantity, and price. Products with high quality and low price are generally not easy to buy. There must be problems with paper shelves that are bought cheaply. Due to the characteristics of display stand paper, […]

How to custom the table display stand in the mall

The custom table display stand is used as a silent promotional tool in shopping malls, so it is very important to choose a suitable paper display stand to display its products. For different consumer groups and product categories, you can choose the size of iron, wood or brackets according to the storage space. Products that […]

What is the general size of the custom cardboard counter display box

The size of the display stand is when the buyer appears in the mind of “I want to customize a cardboard counter display box for my product”, it needs to have an approximate range. Maybe there is no precise size, but you must have an ambiguous range. To customize the counter display box, you need […]

How to match the colors of corrugated cardboard display stand

We must understand the ultimate goal of corrugated paper display stand: to make possible sales faster. The fastest and most direct way for consumers to come into contact with the display style of a store is to see through their eyes. The information that can be obtained visually is the fastest and most complex. How […]

How to customize cardboard supermarket shelf

A clean, tidy, well-categorized store will give customers a good impression. The display and display of the mall will directly affect the quality of the business. Therefore, many malls do not hesitate to ask designers to help design. When it comes to the display of items in the supermarket, it is inseparable from the display […]

You should know the maintenance method of floor display stand

Floor display stand is used more and more widely in daily life. Although the products made are beautiful, they should be taken care of. The following is a summary of the 4 maintenance methods, let’s take a look. When cleaning the floor display stand daily, wipe it with a wet towel or newspaper. If it […]

How to use cardboard displays to promote products and attract customers into the store

Now some brand customers have used cardboard displays as regular promotional items in the system. Whether it’s new product launches or holiday promotions, good results have been achieved. It is very useful for enhancing the brand image in stores, creating a festive atmosphere, and increasing sales. help. Paper display racks, paper shelves, and cardboard displays […]