3 common custom free standing cardboard display styles

The types of earphones are divided into head-mounted, in-ear, earbud, wireless, etc. It is not easy to classify and display these various types of earphones. In this regard, operators, electronic digital stores, and specialty stores all have a consensus-use custom free standing display stand!

1. Pictographic display stand
The reason why they are called “pictographic display racks” is because these display racks are of hieroglyph-like origins and are designed to resemble certain objects. Such as “7” type headphone display rack, “Ω” type display rack, etc., simple structure and small size are the characteristics of this type of display rack, usually used to place one or two headsets, and use acrylic materials. Made.

cardboard sidekick display

2.custom free standing cardboard display
The earplugs of in-ear headphones are more compact, not suitable for hanging and need to be fixed on a display stand for display. Therefore, the paper display rack of this type of headset is generally custom-designed, and the designer draws a drawing based on the characteristics of the headset and then produces it as a sample.

3.custom cardboard display with hook
There is a huge market for mobile phone accessories, Bluetooth headsets and wired headsets, and a large number of headsets will be displayed on the paper display rack. When designing a display stand for this kind of headphones, it is necessary to consider that they are mostly displayed in the form of a packaging box.

custom free standing cardboard display


At this time, a display stand with a hook is very practical. It allows the earphones to appear in front of consumers in a sorted, orderly and orderly manner, avoiding the confusion that will be brought about by a large number of dots and lines.

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