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How to customize cardboard supermarket shelf

A clean, tidy, well-categorized store will give customers a good impression. The display and display of the mall will directly affect the quality of the business. Therefore, many malls do not hesitate to ask designers to help design.

When it comes to the display of items in the supermarket, it is inseparable from the display racks for placing the items. There are many types of display racks, which can be roughly divided into: iron display racks, wooden display racks, and cardboard display shelves.

cardboard supermarket shelf

Among them, iron is the most durable and strong, but it is not environmentally friendly, heavy and difficult to move, wooden display racks have the most texture, can display the atmosphere, but they are very expensive, cardboard display racks are light and environmentally friendly, and different promotional slogans can be customized on the surface. And patterns, there are many different shapes, but the disadvantage is that they are not as durable as the first two.

We recommend that 40% of shopping malls have iron shelves, wooden shelves 10%, and cardboard display shelves 50%. This is a more reasonable classification regardless of economy and beauty. Now let’s focus on the display and characteristics of paper shelves.

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The cardboard display rack is generally used to place packaging items, and it is not easy to place vegetables and meat. How to choose the height of the paper shelf?

First of all, the height of the customized paper shelf depends on the region. In China, according to the average height of the Chinese, the height of the paper shelf should not exceed 1.75 meters, which is too high for the buyer to take and put the goods.

In shopping malls, paper shelves can be placed side by side to display goods, they can be placed next to the shelves for small items, or they can be placed in the middle of the supermarket as a display rack to display the goods.

Cardboard display

For the different positions of the cardboard display shelf, the appearance of the paper shelves will be different. The side-by-side paper shelves should be neatly arranged on both sides and layer by layer. The paper shelves at the corners should be beautifully shaped to fit the products, and one side should be flat for easy placement.

The paper pile in the middle of the supermarket requires a novel appearance, attractive to customers, and reasonable design so that customers can see the goods no matter which direction they walk in.

leader display

Generally speaking, the humanized design of cardboard supermarket shelf can bring bright colors to the shopping mall, and it is the first choice for the display of goods on the shelf.

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