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How to custom the table display stand in the mall

The custom table display stand is used as a silent promotional tool in shopping malls, so it is very important to choose a suitable paper display stand to display its products. For different consumer groups and product categories, you can choose the size of iron, wood or brackets according to the storage space.

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Products that want to display products and hope to achieve promotion to attract consumers are of course corrugated display stands. This is also the reason why food, toys, clothing, etc. are widely favored by the industry in daily use.

After positioning the products in the mall, there are floor paper display stands, vertical paper display stands, head-up display stands, and table display stands, all of which have their own characteristics. If you can’t get your own ideas, we can give you suggestions. We will design a suitable paper shelf height according to the product shape, display space, and the size of the consumer group.

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The paper frame is different from metal or wood. The paper frame is completely made of paper, and its load-bearing capacity depends on the structural characteristics. The selected material is better than inferior material. The custom table display stand can reconfigure the paper rack according to the required load-bearing products to achieve the required load-bearing capacity.

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