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A custom tiered retail display stand suitable for summer seasons full of fruits

In summer, the sun approaches the Tropic of Cancer, and the rising temperature creates suitable natural conditions for the growth and reproduction of life.

Everything is being launched, many fruits and vegetables are on the market one after another, custom tiered retail display stand, according to the season to enjoy the delicious food is both healthy and economical.

custom tiered retail display stand

Seasonal fruits are delicious not to be missed. Each supermarket will launch a series of “fruit festivals” to activate the consumption boom during this festival. Today, the custom tiered retail display stand will introduce a series of suitable fruit displays for the need for fruit promotion. Display stand.

The first rule to follow in fruit display is: there is a sense of hierarchy. Allow consumers to quickly distinguish the main point and focus, and use a large number of fruits to create a rich display effect to visually impact consumers and increase their desire to buy.

custom tiered retail display stand

At the same time, another point to note is that the summer fruit sales period is very short and it is very perishable. Therefore, the custom tiered retail display stand should be made of soft material and light in structure, which is convenient for the sales staff of fruit shops and supermarkets. Change the display.

Based on these considerations, the fruit display stand made of cardboard is light, soft, portable, and has a variety of styles. It is a good choice to make a fruit display stand.

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