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Tips for removing the peculiar smell of the new cardboard paper display stand

Custom cardboard paper display stand according to the different materials, some materials will have some peculiar smell when they are newly produced. This is an unavoidable problem in the process now, but the customer also needs to do some treatment when they get the display rack. Reduce peculiar smell.

For cardboard paper display stand, use orange peel to deodorize. This is actually a method used to deodorize and never tire of it. Deodorizing is particularly effective. After peeling some fresh oranges, leave the orange peels clean and wipe them dry, or you can choose to dry them, and then put them in every corner of the showcase, and put some scattered inside. After a few days, it will be completely The smell is removed, and the fragrance of oranges is displayed.

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In addition to using orange peel to remove odors, the cardboard paper display stand can also use lemon to remove odors. Lemon itself is relatively fragrant and contains citric acid, so you can slice the lemon and place it on the cardboard paper display stand, which can effectively remove Peculiar smell.

The cardboard paper display stand uses charcoal to deodorize. Choosing the right amount of charcoal, you can crush the charcoal, and then go to the small cloth bag to pack the broken charcoal, make several similar small cloth bags, and put them in the display rack. The deodorizing effect is particularly good, and the relative method is also very simple.

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In addition, there are many small tricks to deodorize new display racks with peculiar odors. After deodorizing, the display racks can be used to display goods and have their due effect.

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