Advantages and Benefitsof Corrugate Cardboard Displays

15 Best things about Cardboard POP Displays

Out of all the options you have for displaying your products at retail, corrugate cardboard may have the most versatility, warmth in appearance, and practicality. It’s adaptability gives you plenty of opportunity to try different creative approaches without the expense of fixed displays. Of all the best things about cardboard displays, two stand out as key features for the future: ready for retail and sustainability.


The fact that product can be shipped within a cardboard display and quickly installed in a retail setting is a big cost saving for larger retailers. They don’t have the staff anymore to fuss with packing and unpacking product. And with environmental concerns foremost in consumer’s and government’s minds, cardboard fits in with the whole concept of recycled material use.

You might also like its versatility and how a display can be drawn and developed in AutoCAD, then produced in the tens of thousands via machine and human assemblers, then quickly shipped to the biggest retail stores with your product inside them. You probably have many more to add here, but here’s some of the best advantages to cardboard displays:


1.Inexpensive – for a few dollars each in some instances, corrugate cardboard is a cost effective means to package and ship products nationwide

2.Lightweight – corrugate weighs much less than wood and plastic and easier to transport

3.Versatile  – can be bent, cut and shaped to create any configuration via autocad design

4.You can add labels – add discount or promotional stickers to re-energize your promotion

5.Fresh creative – turnaround your creative every few months and learn more about which works best

6.Fast development – corrugate can easily be engineered and packed via machine or people

7.Perfect for ready for retail packaging – cardboard packs product in nicely and protects the primary packages well during transport

8.Easy for retailers to assemble – cardboard displays come ready to assemble and when necessary retail staff can cut materials

9.Can be recycled – easy to dispose of and materials are recyclable which means less solid waste in our landfills

10.Vegetable based inks are non-polluting – inks are washed off or separated during recycling

11.Very sturdy – engineers construct the corrugate material to be strong and to maintain its shape and support very high load amounts

12.Can be customized to suit product packaging – designed specifically for the product, it can hold more product per volume of space thereby maximizing product display and sales

13.Flat sections or billboards give room for promotional copy – flat areas can be printed or labels can be applied to power up visibility and promotional power

14.Looks warmer than steel or plastic – soft, tactile, and retains heat, consumers find it more approachable and less dangerous than glass and steel displays.

15.Best for introducing new products – for testing new products or to reduce product launch costs, cardboard is cheaper and after launch feedback, changes can quickly be made

What’s your feeling about cardboard displays vs fixed displays? Is there any non-refrigerated product that can be displayed well in cardboard? What do you think about its versatility? Which are the best POP display types and how can good cardboard displays improve sales? Get some insight into what you should look for in a good packaging company. If you’re located in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, or North York, check out a great local Markham packaging company. Having problems with POP displays?