Beverage Displays-How to make your product stand out?

During the holiday and summer season-now is a prime time to display your frosty beverages.

At Leader Displays , we’ve been doing just that for nearly 15 years. we can help your product stand out from the crowd.

So…which is better? cardboard displays or permanent displays???

Before you can determine which type of display is “better,” you need to first assess your needs.


1.Is branding important to you?

–Cardboard displays are easy to customize and brand as part of the display.


2.Will you move your displays?

-Cardboard displays lightweight and easy to move around your store,

and can be broken down completely to make space for a new display in no time at all.


3.Are you using your displays for seasonal marketing campaigns?

-Cardboard displays are perfect for this! As summer gives way to fall,

simply order a new, custom, perfect-to-hold your fall merchandise display and you’re ready!


4.Do you want your display come with creative design?

-Cardboard displays can make creative design according your brand and your merchandise,

also we can deliver your display filled with merchandise.


Keep in mind that beverage displays need to be sturdy and durable.

Product weight is a huge factor in designing displays for beverages.

Nobody wants an entire display of fragile bottles to be at risk.

So Leader Display is your best choice,there are a load-bearing, quickly assembled display,can solve the above problems perfectly.

       Here are some beverage display cases  for your reference.

If any idea…reach out to Leader Displays to create your next POP display– we love helping clients design perfect displays every time!

leader display mid autumn festival 1

Mid-Autumn Day, A Bright Moon And Shining Stars Bring My Best Wishes To You.

Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival of China. It used to be as important as Spring Festival,It is usually celebrated in September or October. This festival is to celebrate the harvest and to enjoy the beautiful moon light, To some extent, it is like Thanks Giving day in western countries.On this day,people usually get together with their families and have a nice meal.After that,people always eat delicious moon cakes, and watch the moon. The moon is always very round on that day, and makes people think of their relatives and friends. It is a day of pleasure and happiness.

It is really a meaningful thing to do DIY with our colleagues!

leader display mid autumn festival 1leader display mid autumn festival 1

Let us show you our one of product,moon cake gift box, not only display stand we do, but also all kinds of paper gift box.leader display mid autumn festival 1


Hope you have a wonderful Mid Autumn festival!

leader display

Leader Display Summarizing Party In The Middle of The Year

Good work requires constant summary and constant improvement. In the past half of 2020, Leader Display Team conducted an annual mid-year summary activity

.leader display dinner

leader display pdts 1


We went to the Dapeng Ancient City, which is located in Dapengcheng Village, Dapeng Town, Longgang District, East Shenzhen, covers an area of 110,000 square meters and was built in the 27th year of Minghong (1394). It is currently the only national key cultural relics protection unit in Shenzhen.

leader display in dapeng city

This team building activity not only benefited us a lot, but also shortened the distance between colleagues, making us a better team, one boat, one family, one direction, and moving forward together! Looking forward to the next team building.leader display in a boat


Leader Display team is a dream team, a young team full of dreams and passion. Our slogan is, we are serious about making paper display stands! In our work, we continue to summarize the past, improve ourselves, and plan for the future. This is also part of our company culture. At the same time, another key point of the company culture is to let us actively participate, integrate ourselves and the team, and the team will achieve glory. At the same time highlighting the role played by the individual.

leader display

It is as same as the display racks customized by Leader Display for customers, it can be a series, composed of several different types of cardboard displays, and together with the customer’s products, form the most eye-catching design in large supermarkets. Every display is like the every member of Leader Display, helpful and exquisite.

euroshop 2020 5

Leader Display in 2020 EUROSHOP TRADE FAIR

euroshop invitation

The Instruction of Euroshop

EuroShop is the world’s largest trade fair for retail investment requirements. The German international retail trade fair, Euroshop, was founded in 1966. It is held every three years and has a history of nearly 50 years. It is currently the world ’s largest retail-related exhibition of facilities, equipment and technology. A grand and influential industry event. EuroShop in 2020, the global retail industry will gather in Dusseldorf.

Euro Shop is not only a good platform to explore the market and find business opportunities, but also an excellent opportunity to open up horizons and learn. Therefore, with the yearning for German exoticism and the pursuit of win-win cooperation with more elites in the retail industry, we also participated this Exhibition.

Leader Display in Euroshop 2020

Carefully designed booth layout, carefully selected the latest innovative designs, after half a year of careful and meticulous preparations, with our most sincere mood, finally, on February 15, we flew to Germany.

The exhibition lasted five days and ended from February 16th to February 20th. During these five days, our booth welcomed and attracted the attention of many customers who visited the exhibition. We brought samples of our latest design, especially the elevator system cardboard display rack and the integrated molding cardboard display rack. These two display racks add some innovative elements to the characteristics of traditional paper display racks, making retail displays and promotional activities more interesting, more convenient.

euroshop 2020 9

In fact, Leader Display adheres to the principle of customer first, pioneering and innovative, and has designed many different types of rapid assembly smart cardboard display. These new designs can not only make assembly faster, but also bear more weight and display more  different types of products. Paper display rack is not only a container for products, but also a communication channel linking buyers and customers.

smart display

The exhibition is over. Thanks for your support! We will take the business cards you handed to us seriously, respond to your inquiry as soon as possible, and customize the display stand that suits your products. We have felt the enthusiasm of Germany while our enthusiasm will continue. Making cardboard displays, we are in earnest!

Goodbye Euroshop 2020! Look forward to next trade fair, look forward to better Leader Display!

How to Distinguish The Quality of The Cardboard Display

The paper display stand with its own advantages shows perfectly what is called “live advertising”, what is “eye catching”. The paper display stand in terminal store plays an important role as a terminal promotional display, the quality of the paper display stand and the overall aesthetic is very important, then the question is, how to distinguish the quality of the cardboard display?

How to choose to buy? Let’s see if the manufacturer checks the product carefully when the manufacturer finishes producing the mass goods. What are the problems? From Shenzhen Leader Display Products PDTs Ltd., it is known that the paper display stand is customized according to the requirements of the buyers, and its flow is probably likes this:

-The demand side passes on the design requirement

-Puts forward the rationalization proposal according to the requirements of the buyer 

The solution discussion and optimization 

The two parties agree that the plan is consistent and enforceable

-Quote the price according to the agreed plan

The buyer determines the price

-Make sample & sample test(sample confirm)

Excellent draft confirmation color or notice or look at the color

Verify price again

Contract signing

Manufacturing (preparation, processing, surface treatment, packaging, etc.)

Notification inspection  


Note 1:

With the improvement of people’s living standards, consumers’ awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased, and they have chosen paper display stands to display their products.

More and more merchants, they like to start at the terminal to achieve higher sales. The paper display stand can be printed beautiful patterns to attract consumers. The merchant will hand over the designed documents to the supplier and ask the supplier to print on the paper display stand. Then pls look carefully at the pattern on the paper display stand, whether there is a leaky or hidden pattern, is there any flaw, if there are chromatic aberrations, cracks or black spots, these are all problems.

Note 2:

Take out and compare between the self-confirmed sample and the mass products, and if the cardboard is thinner, you will feel uneven when touching. There is a very obvious situation on the surface, and the stiffness is not good enough, seems very weak. Another situation is when one is just produced, and the glue in the pit has not yet completely dried out, it is also very soft.

Note 3:

Some merchants found that the paper display stand was placed in the supermarket and it began to fade in less than a week.Dropped, because the printing work is not done well, the surface treatment is not good enough, especially when doing UV varnish treatment.There are many situations, so when you understand the production process, you should consult the manufacturer for details, so as not to get the final loss.

Note 4:

Due to the characteristics of the paper display stand, most suppliers customize according to the requirements of the customers. Then enterprises maliciously underprice each other, the disorderly competition caused by counterfeiting and so on.In fact, “you get what you pay for” is definitely a true chapter in this market, a big discount policy is likely to be a trap or to end with bad quality products. Go to the factory to see the actual situation is a good choice, the factory generally has samples for reference. Or at the beginning choosing a verified supplier should be paid more attention.

display of the year

Leader Display Won Sliver Award In Shop! Greater China Awards Contest

On November 1st, 2018, Shenzhen Leader Display PDTs Ltd.  was invited to participate in the three-day 2018 20th China Retail Industry Exhibition held at Kunming Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center, and the winners of 2018 International Retail Environment and Advertising Exhibition Competition were announced yesterday.

Founded in the 1960s, Shop! Award Greater China is the annual Oscar Award for the world’s retail industry environment and marketing; a total of 23 award categories, covering all aspects of the retail industry; thousands of retail design companies from 20 countries around the world compete to show their corporate image on the world stage.

Each of the participating works of the Shop! Award Greater China showed unique originality and creativity and the juries are professionals among advertising and distribution area.. Hundreds of POS display products have gathered in the competition, turning the Dianchi International Convention and Exhibition Center into a gorgeous arena, which has attracted much attention.

       In this competition, Leader’s innovative design and highly experienced design team designed an Easy Assembling display stand for customers from the customer’s point of view. The display stand presents a dazzling display effect and quick assembly method and convenience. What’s more, the convenient transportation helps customers’ products to be favored and purchased by more consumers.

The display stand has a novel design, convenient assembly method and excellent printing effect. It has stood out from many entries from the Greater China region and successfully won the Silver Award for the Display of The Year.

(Leader Display Marketing Director Judy & presenter)

The standout of the Leader Display not only makes Leader’s innovative design re-recognized, but also marks that Leader Display is always at the forefront of the Industry, and is also more certain that Leader’s work is extremely popular in the international market!
Judy(Marketing Director, Leader Display)&
Mr. Tom Harris(Honorary Chairman, Shop! Greater China)


In this competition, we also actively invited customers to visit and take a sweet and friendly photo with our customers. To reach such achievement is inseparable from the efforts of the Leader team and the support of customers!


Pallet Displays: Color, Shape, and Style

If you’re looking to spice up your store layout while also maximizing your use of floor space, creating the perfect display is essential to your success. Whether your store wants to focus on bringing attention to a large stock of a specific item, or if you’re a “Big Box” or warehouse and you’re looking to do an engaging pallet display, the right display can make the difference between the red and a profit.

Get Dressed

One essential part of the right display is the pallet skirt — especially if your focus is less on an elaborate display and more on clearing inventory fast. A pallet skirt is designed to cover the wooden, crate-like pallets that your products sit on top of — but that doesn’t mean they have to be drab. The right graphics, branding, and, as we’ll tell you more about, color, can do the job just as effectively as a custom display.

Helpful hint: if you’re selling an item that you know customers might need a bit more information about, consider setting a brochure holder directly next to or in front of your display pallet. That way, customers can read up on a product and buy it all in one go — giving you the advantage over other stores that force customers to do research on their own time. Making your customers feel informed and in control is a big part of what will keep them coming back.

Color Evaluation

You probably have a favorite color, but did you know our brains are actually wired to pay attention to some colors more than others? Understanding the psychology of color can really bring your pallet display to new heights. When people see red, they think “sale,” whereas a calmer blue encourages your customers to take their time and relax in your store. How and where you place your pallets can have a big effect, too. Though you may think front and center is the best spot for your towers, in fact, this can often block the other merchandise from view (especially for window shoppers) and can even feel pushy. Don’t be afraid to put your pallet display next to an item that doesn’t exactly go with it. The element of surprise is a big part of making the sale — think about how many things you’ve bought while standing in line!

Customized and Optimized

If you’re looking to present your product in the best possible light, we recommend going for a fully customized display. You’ll be able to use all of the tips and tricks you’ve learned while staying true to your brand.

No matter what you’re selling — make it stand out.

cardboard paper display stand

Leader Display with Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair

cardboard paper display stand

Hong Kong International Printing &Packaging Fair (printing and packaging exhibition) is the annual trade event, the 2018 annual exhibition content more, gathered from all over the world’s elite industry leaders, strengthen the contact between each other, new business opportunities. It is the only most professional and the largest exhibition of packaging products and printing plans , including the remarkable new ideas. From 27 to 30 April, 2018, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, the 13th edition once again has delivered great opportunity to present various products to motivate international buyers.

On April 27, 2018, our company went to Hong Kong to attend the 13th Hong Kong International Printing & Packaging Fair.


Shenzhen Leader Display PDTS Ltd. was established in 2004.We are a professional manufacturer specializing in designing and creating cardboard POP displays , including cardboard floor display , cardboard sidekick display , cardboard shelf display , cardboard hook display and cardboard pallet display , cardboard furniture , color boxes and corrugated boxes.

cardboard paper display stand

cardboard paper display stand

There is a large flow of people at the exhibition. The clients are all interested in the exhibition and ask us what they wanted to know about the cardboard paper display stand.

cardboard paper display stand

cardboard paper display stand

Compared with the last exhibition, we are more experienced and able to handle all kinds of emergencies. We chatted with the guests on the spot.

cardboard paper display stand

cardboard paper display stand

We are serious being a cardboard display manufacturer.

Welcome to contact us for further info.

There are many types of POP displays, each with inherent features and benefits

In this article, we will talk about the most common displays you find in retail settings – such as floor displays, power wings, dump bins, and counter displays – and how they can help you get your customers’ attention in a busy market.

1. Floor Displays

Freestanding floor displays are a popular display type that is great for promoting products in a highly visible way. You’ll find them in a variety of retail environments, from big box stores, grocery stores, and even small boutique shops. They’re positioned at many different locations and can be custom designed for 2, 3 or 4-sided shopability.

Mulit-functional or convertible floor displays are cardboard display structures that come with a base. The display sits on the assembled base, which then sits on the floor and when lifted off the base, can hang from the end of a shelf like a power wing. This offers great flexibility for both the retailer and supplier. The top or header is used to communicate the products, brands, and features of the products within. Custom floor displays are very common in most types of retail environments.

Another term often used to further describe a floor display, is a shelf display. Shelf displays are a type of POP display that gets its name from the way in which products are secured inside: on shelves as opposed to a pegging system.  There are many different terms used to describe POP corrugated display structures.  Product companies of all types include POP display programs.  Each retailer or retail chain has their own, specifications and requirements for the various POP display programs they bring into their stores.  Floor displays are often used in grocery stores, allowing product suppliers the ability to showcase products off the shelf.

A quality display and packaging manufacturer will have the knowledge and experience to custom design the perfect POP displays for all types of products including food, beverage, health and beauty, pet supplies, and so many more.

2. Counter Displays

Counter displays get their name from where they’re placed: on the counter near the cash register. They’re used for impulse sales or incremental sales of a stocked product and catch the attention of consumers at the point of sale.

Counter displays typically fall into the PDQ display category. PDQ, or  ‘Pretty Darn Quick’ is synonymous with the term ‘retail-ready’ and requires minimal handling by the retailer. Using counter displays at the point of sale gives you the opportunity to land sales right up until the moment shoppers are paying for their purchase.

They are commonly found in drug stores and convenience stores where floor space is limited.

2. Power Wings

Also known as “sidekicks,” these are flexible displays that are attached to
existing shelving or fixture infrastructure. They hang from a shelf in an aisle, at the end of an aisle and typically at eye level.

Power wings are a great way to merchandise products, as they catch shoppers’ eyes and promote impulse purchases.  Power wings or sidekicks have minimal depth in order to stay within each retailer’s specifications and hold a limited amount of product.  When shipped to stores assembled and filled with product, they are retail-ready, so in-store handling is kept to a minimum.

Shipper displays is another term to mean just this – POP displays that are pre-assembled and fully packed with product and properly shrouded.  Shipper displays may include additional protective components.  They will ship and arrive at stores retail-ready.  Store personnel just needs to place in the pre-designated location, cut open the protective shroud.

Power wings POP displays are often found in a variety of retail setting from grocery stores, to drug stores, convenience chains and more.

4. Dump Bins

Dump bins present products in bulk and are placed in a variety of locations based on the retailer’s regulations. Product with minimal or no primary packaging is placed in the bin and sold.  They are often used to “move” excess inventory or bargain items. They are great attention grabbers and are the ideal height to prompt consumers to take advantage of a deal.

These POP displays can include adjustable interior bases or shelves to make sure consumers can see the products inside.  You can also create sections using dividers to better categorize the items on sale.   Dump bins offer a large, open canvas for branding, imagery and messaging on all four sides.  Headers can be included for the most impactful graphics to sell products within.

Dump bins are commonly used in big-box stores, specialty retailers, grocery stores and others to promote sale items and move inventory.

2. Pallet Displays

Grocery stores and club stores often utilize pallet displays on the retail floor.  This POP display is built to sell a lot of merchandise. They can be designed to showcase multiple products and packaging sizes or to focus on one primary offering.

Depending on the needs of the manufacturer and retailer, pallet displays come in full, half and quarter pallet size configurations. They can be delivered fully assembled with the merchandise included for a complete retail-ready shipper display.  Pallet displays work best when consumers can shop all 4 sides. (5 if you count the top); however, pallet displays with 3 shoppable sides is often the minimum.

Pallet displays exist in different forms.  One format is when product sits in corrugated stackable trays, which are stacked onto a pallet and form a pallet pattern that is pre-approved by the retailer.  Stackable tray pallet displays provide product stability for large quantities and are printed to highlight the product and brand. This format is very common in club stores.

Pallet displays where product starts a number of feet off the pallet floor will use a pallet
skirt. Pallet skirts wrap around the bottom of a pallet display and act as an in-store billboard and can greatly increase the impact and sell-through of your product.

Retailers such as grocery stores and club stores accommodate pallet displays.


Advantages and Benefitsof Corrugate Cardboard Displays

15 Best things about Cardboard POP Displays

Out of all the options you have for displaying your products at retail, corrugate cardboard may have the most versatility, warmth in appearance, and practicality. It’s adaptability gives you plenty of opportunity to try different creative approaches without the expense of fixed displays. Of all the best things about cardboard displays, two stand out as key features for the future: ready for retail and sustainability.


The fact that product can be shipped within a cardboard display and quickly installed in a retail setting is a big cost saving for larger retailers. They don’t have the staff anymore to fuss with packing and unpacking product. And with environmental concerns foremost in consumer’s and government’s minds, cardboard fits in with the whole concept of recycled material use.

You might also like its versatility and how a display can be drawn and developed in AutoCAD, then produced in the tens of thousands via machine and human assemblers, then quickly shipped to the biggest retail stores with your product inside them. You probably have many more to add here, but here’s some of the best advantages to cardboard displays:


1.Inexpensive – for a few dollars each in some instances, corrugate cardboard is a cost effective means to package and ship products nationwide

2.Lightweight – corrugate weighs much less than wood and plastic and easier to transport

3.Versatile  – can be bent, cut and shaped to create any configuration via autocad design

4.You can add labels – add discount or promotional stickers to re-energize your promotion

5.Fresh creative – turnaround your creative every few months and learn more about which works best

6.Fast development – corrugate can easily be engineered and packed via machine or people

7.Perfect for ready for retail packaging – cardboard packs product in nicely and protects the primary packages well during transport

8.Easy for retailers to assemble – cardboard displays come ready to assemble and when necessary retail staff can cut materials

9.Can be recycled – easy to dispose of and materials are recyclable which means less solid waste in our landfills

10.Vegetable based inks are non-polluting – inks are washed off or separated during recycling

11.Very sturdy – engineers construct the corrugate material to be strong and to maintain its shape and support very high load amounts

12.Can be customized to suit product packaging – designed specifically for the product, it can hold more product per volume of space thereby maximizing product display and sales

13.Flat sections or billboards give room for promotional copy – flat areas can be printed or labels can be applied to power up visibility and promotional power

14.Looks warmer than steel or plastic – soft, tactile, and retains heat, consumers find it more approachable and less dangerous than glass and steel displays.

15.Best for introducing new products – for testing new products or to reduce product launch costs, cardboard is cheaper and after launch feedback, changes can quickly be made

What’s your feeling about cardboard displays vs fixed displays? Is there any non-refrigerated product that can be displayed well in cardboard? What do you think about its versatility? Which are the best POP display types and how can good cardboard displays improve sales? Get some insight into what you should look for in a good packaging company. If you’re located in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, or North York, check out a great local Markham packaging company. Having problems with POP displays?