Pallet Displays: Color, Shape, and Style

If you’re looking to spice up your store layout while also maximizing your use of floor space, creating the perfect display is essential to your success. Whether your store wants to focus on bringing attention to a large stock of a specific item, or if you’re a “Big Box” or warehouse and you’re looking to do an engaging pallet display, the right display can make the difference between the red and a profit.

Get Dressed

One essential part of the right display is the pallet skirt — especially if your focus is less on an elaborate display and more on clearing inventory fast. A pallet skirt is designed to cover the wooden, crate-like pallets that your products sit on top of — but that doesn’t mean they have to be drab. The right graphics, branding, and, as we’ll tell you more about, color, can do the job just as effectively as a custom display.

Helpful hint: if you’re selling an item that you know customers might need a bit more information about, consider setting a brochure holder directly next to or in front of your display pallet. That way, customers can read up on a product and buy it all in one go — giving you the advantage over other stores that force customers to do research on their own time. Making your customers feel informed and in control is a big part of what will keep them coming back.

Color Evaluation

You probably have a favorite color, but did you know our brains are actually wired to pay attention to some colors more than others? Understanding the psychology of color can really bring your pallet display to new heights. When people see red, they think “sale,” whereas a calmer blue encourages your customers to take their time and relax in your store. How and where you place your pallets can have a big effect, too. Though you may think front and center is the best spot for your towers, in fact, this can often block the other merchandise from view (especially for window shoppers) and can even feel pushy. Don’t be afraid to put your pallet display next to an item that doesn’t exactly go with it. The element of surprise is a big part of making the sale — think about how many things you’ve bought while standing in line!

Customized and Optimized

If you’re looking to present your product in the best possible light, we recommend going for a fully customized display. You’ll be able to use all of the tips and tricks you’ve learned while staying true to your brand.

No matter what you’re selling — make it stand out.