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How to choose small commodity Cardboard shelf display?

Small commodities, as the name suggests, refer to objects that look relatively small. They are characterized by a lot of complexity. A commodity will derive different series due to the difference in some details (such as color, a certain pattern). When merchants choose Cardboard shelf display for small commodities, one is worried about how to display a large number of products; the other is how to display to achieve a non-cluttered and beautiful visual effect; for these two problems, we have the following solutions:

Choose the landing Cardboard shelf display:

First of all, it goes without saying that you know that the floor-to-ceiling display rack has a large display area, which is very suitable for the display of a wide variety of small commodities. Secondly, when it comes to Cardboard shelf display, it doesn’t do anything. You have to be pertinent. Since there are many small commodities, in order for each commodity to be displayed well and attract the attention of consumers, then the display shelf There are two choices for the overall color tone: either pure color is minimalist or interesting.

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Cardboard shelf display with hooks and grids selected:

Because of the small size of the small product itself, it must be displayed in a store in sufficient quantity to find its visual presence. But too many will cause another problem: chaos, which is not considered by many businesses when displaying small commodities. In fact, it is very simple to avoid this problem.

Take this factor into consideration when you choose the Cardboard shelf display. Choose a display shelf with hooks/lattices to avoid this problem. The hooked display shelf is suitable for hanging small commodities, such as spoons, sachets, keychains, etc.; the grid Cardboard shelf display is prepared for small commodities that are too heavy, too small, and inconvenient to hang, and are distinguished by grids. Open or focus on a grid, so that the neatly stored display not only achieves a beautiful effect, but also shows the store owner’s full storage capacity.

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Therefore, a good Cardboard shelf display can bring you more than just a beautiful display effect, more potential value is waiting for you to discover!

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