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What are the advantages of custom cardboard floor displays

Custom cardboard floor displays can be used in a wide range. They can either display a variety of commodities; or have 2-3 ways of use, suitable for a variety of occasions, and custom display stands that meet some special requirements of customers.

Custom cardboard floor displays cannot but be said to be the first choice in the hearts of many customers. Everyone hopes to have multiple uses while minimizing production costs, and the display stands are naturally no exception. It is the simplest multifunctional display stand, which can be used to place stationery, cigarettes, chewing gum, lipstick, nail polish and other commodities; it can also be placed on the desktop or wall-mounted.

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Custom cardboard floor displays are often more complicated. Designers first make renderings according to the actual requirements of the guests. On this basis, after constant discussion and modification, the display rack is finally formed.

Is there any difference in custom-made shelves? The first is the function; the second is the structure. The multi-purpose of these shelves is more similar to Lego building blocks. Different assembly methods and accessories can be used to achieve completely different display racks. Finally, the brand. In addition to promoting merchandise sales, there is also a custom display rack. The more important function-to promote the brand.

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