Cardboard display stand

What issues should be paid attention to when buying custom paper shelves

Cardboard display stand acts as a silent promoter at the terminal, so it is important to choose a suitable paper shelf to display and sell your products, so how to choose a paper shelf?

1. Cardboard display stand price positioning

There are many factors that affect the price of Cardboard display stand. For example, different processes, structures, sizes, and quantities will affect the price of paper shelves. Therefore, when ordering paper shelves, the more the quantity, the more cost-effective a single display shelf. So sometimes you buy paper shelves with the same size, the same craftsmanship and structure, and the price is higher than others, because you order less quantity than others.

Cardboard display stand


2. Cardboard display stand style positioning

After the terminal store is positioned in the market, what kind of style is more appropriate: if there are floor-standing paper display racks, vertical paper display racks, hook paper display racks, display paper stackers, countertop display boxes, etc., they all have their own There is something special. If you can’t make up your mind, then let the manufacturer give you an opinion. They will combine their own experience to design a suitable Cardboard display stand based on the product’s selling point styling, display the display space, and the consumer groups to determine the size.


3. Maximum carrying capacity of Cardboard display stand

The paper shelf is not like iron or wood. The paper shelf is entirely made of corrugated paper. Its carrying capacity is based on the structural characteristics. The selected material has a stronger carrying capacity than the poor material. The paper shelf can be changed according to the required load-bearing product. The required load-bearing capacity, so be sure to tell the manufacturer your load-bearing requirements when ordering paper shelves.

Cardboard display stand


4.Cardboard display stand manufacturer qualification

Make paper display racks, according to their product market positioning and terminal display scenes, propose demand plans to display rack manufacturers, and later manufacturers will issue plans according to requirements, and after both parties confirm, they will start proofing and mass production. The scale and qualifications of the paper racking factory are also an important factor for reference. A paper racking company with good credit can guarantee customers’ early purchase, mid-term production, and after-sales service. A paper racking company with extensive experience, the early stage is It will definitely provide you with good display design and customized services.

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