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What are the production processes of the paper display stand

Cardboard stands are a kind of paper products, which are display stands made of cardboard. It can be found in major supermarkets, shopping malls and some large-scale event sites and exhibitions. Many brand manufacturers use paper display racks as a conventional promotional item system application. Whether it is for new product launches, holiday promotions or product display, they have achieved relatively good results. The use of paper display racks can improve products in the store. The brand image of the company, creating a festive atmosphere, and driving product sales are all very helpful. So what are the main production processes of the paper display rack?

Cardboard stands process one design:

The first step in the production of cardboard stands is to design. The designer of the paper company needs to have a good spatial thinking and be familiar with the work of 3D structures. The design process needs to be combined with the product. According to the weight and volume of the product, the bearing capacity and space area of ​​the paper display rack are calculated.

cardboard stands

Cardboard stands process two samples:

Corrugated cardboard is usually used as the material for the paper display rack, and the designed structure drawing data is input into the computer program of the sample cutting machine. The sample cutting machine is made on the non-printed corrugated paper according to the data requirements of the indentation force and the half-cut depth in the structure graphics. A standard paper display rack plane figure is drawn, and then the designer uses glue and other processing techniques to make the plane figure into a solid 3D display stand.

Cardboard stands process three printing:

When the paper display rack is made, it is glossy and patternless. The design department can print the paper display rack according to the customer’s needs to highlight the personality and charm of the paper display rack. According to the graphic design draft of the paper rack (paper display rack) template, The film is printed on a printing press.

cardboard stands


Four post-processes of cardboard stands process:

Printing colored paper over-gluing, mounting paper (printing paper + corrugated paper), over-oiling, indentation.


Cardboard stands process five packaging:

The semi-finished paper display rack is assembled and reinforced, and then the product can be placed to become a finished product for goods display.

The above is the production process of the paper display rack. Compared with other display racks, the paper display rack is more environmentally friendly, and the paper display rack is more space-saving. Whether it is from the perspective of storage or transportation, it will be folded after folding. The small size reduces the transportation cost a lot, and it is a product favored by many merchants.

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