cardboard display shelves

Three core functions to know about custom paper display racks

Practical function is the most basic function of cardboard display shelves. It satisfies a certain material or cultural needs of people through its own material, energy and information exchange process. Practical functions are the fundamental difference between design products and artistic works. In the process of merchandise sales, paper display racks must meet the requirements of merchandise placement and display.

The cognitive function of Cardboard display shelves is very important. With the continuous emergence of new retail methods such as supermarkets and warehouse-style shopping malls, more and more self-service in the consumer field, POP corrugated cardboard display racks have gradually become silent salesmen, making products more distinctive and convenient. It can make it stand out from many other products with the same packaging form. At the same time, the unique style of the paper display frame also reflects the quality image of the product itself and the corporate culture.


cardboard display shelves

The rich modeling language makes the cardboard display shelves have a good cognitive function. It also provides a way for consumers to communicate with emotions. At the same time, it greatly stimulates consumers’ sense of sight, touch, and hearing, so that consumers feel the joy of shopping, which in turn arouses consumers’ interest in the products displayed on the display shelf, and arouses consumers’ potential Purchase awareness.

The excellent aesthetic function of Cardboard display shelves can facilitate better sales of display products. The purpose of using display racks to display goods in the store is to make the goods in the store more attractive. When people buy goods, they not only pay attention to the quality of the goods, but also may be artistic due to various other factors. Aesthetic display racks can make the product icing on the cake and make consumers pleasing to the eye. Even in a static state, it can also make the product present a sense of beauty, and use silent language to arouse consumer interest in shopping. On the contrary, a display rack with a rough production and a poor shape will directly affect the consumer’s desire to buy. Even if the product itself is of superior quality and outstanding function, it will be uninterested.


cardboard display shelves

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