custom counter display boxes

Customized counter display box manufacturer-cardboard counter display supplier

Lddisplay has 10 years of experience in display rack design and production, and has produced, designed and OEM production for a number of cardboard counter displays. Advanced production equipment is the guarantee of providing good products. Custom counter display boxes require more than 10 processes such as plate making, printing, surface treatment, paper mounting, and laser die making, all of which are independently completed by Lddisplay printing.

cardboard counter display

The Lddisplay paper display rack combines customer use and use environment to make different designs and production changes for custom counter display boxes used in shopping malls, exhibitions, and outdoors, and make different environmental use plans.

The packaged cardboard counter display is equipped with instructions and installation flow chart papers, allowing you to quickly install and arrange your products. Custom counter display boxes have a solid and square single tone, colorful colors, and heavy metal tone texture, which reflects the uniqueness of your product from that angle.

custom counter display boxes


Lddisplay improves the traditional production mode of custom counter display boxes, using equipment and professional and technical personnel to output, laser knife carving production template, the accuracy error of the knife template is only 0.01mm. The stability and durability of the cardboard counter display are greatly improved.

Lddisplay are a professional manufacturer specializing in designing and creating cardboard POP displays, including floor displays. If you have any questions, you want to consult or purchase needs, you can contact us.