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How to test the quality of a custom cardboard displays

Paper shelves use their own advantages to advertise to attract customers’ attention. Custom cardboard displays play an important role in terminal stores. Their quality can be directly linked to benefits. As terminal promotional displays, the quality and overall aesthetics of the paper display stand are very important, so how should the merchants check it? What are the issues?

custom cardboard displays

Due to the characteristics of custom cardboard displays, companies that are customized according to the requirements of customers maliciously lower prices, and the disorderly competition caused by counterfeiting between products is very serious, which has threatened the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. In fact, “you get what you pay for” is absolutely true in this market, so when choosing a paper display stand, you must choose a regular business that can design and produce independently. It is necessary to go to the factory to see the actual situation.

custom cardboard displays


If the custom cardboard displays start to fade after being placed in the supermarket less than a week ago, there will be chunks of color falling off, this is because the printing work has not been done well and the surface treatment is not good enough, especially in the UV varnish treatment. This kind of situation often occurs, so when you understand the production process, you should consult the manufacturer for more details.


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